Skrill Verification Instructions

1. Choose “Upload Photos” from the verification options menu.
2. Now choose your country of residence and your preferred account currency.
3. Upload an ID document – a Identity card, passport or driver’s license.
4. Upload a selfie – a picture of your face holding a note with “Skrill” and the date of the verification process next to it.
5. Upload an address verification document – just choose your preferred document
– like a bank statement or utility bill.
Please note, it has to be a recent document showing your full name and address.
6. That’s it. Your account should be verified and all limits removed within 1 business day, but usually even faster.
Please make sure to upload high quality documents with all details clear and legible. In case any document could not be accepted, Skrill will contact you and ask you for another document or to provide a better picture.